Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Limited has been in the Construction of Irrigation works and related structures from the inception of the company with specialization in the construction of

Earth Dams
Concrete Dams
Masonry Dams
Lift irrigation
Canal Excavations
Distributory network and maintenance
CM & CD Works
Earth Dams (EPC Turn Key)
Suitapat Dam : 30m high earth dam with sluices for right & left canal spill channels to irrigate in the chattisgarh state. Live storage TMC
Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir : 45 meter high earth dam with concrete gallery, un-gated concrete spill way to discharge 860 Cumcs flood water including in fall, off take regulators and depletion sluices with gates.
Bhima Project : Raising and strengthening of earth bund, construction of gated spillway and regulators.
Concrete Dams
Shelgaon Barrage : 32 meter high dam with 18 Nos. of 18.3 x 17.5 radial gates over 450 meter long concrete dam with earth dam on either side totaling to 2 KMS length in Maharastra State . Live capacity of the reservoir is 4.5TMC
Gorakallu Dam : Construction of concrete dam for the un-gated spill way portion to discharge 860 cumcs.
Masonry Dam
Shelgaon Barrage : Construction of Masonry Dam
Tunnels (EPC Turn Key)
Veligonda : Construction of 7 meter dia, 19KM long tunnel using TBM to discharge 85 cumcs with pick up weir, and approach channel in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
Indira Sagar : Construction of 12 m diameter 890 meter long tunnel, saddle dam, regulator including Investigation, Soil Explorations, Designs etc.,
Handrineva sujala Sravanthi : Construction of three tunnels totaling to 7.6KM length including investigation, design and drawings.
Lift Irrigation with pressure shafts (EPC Turn Key)
Indira Sagar : Laying of pressure mains including surge protection, CM & CD works for irrigating 5000 Ha land in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
Canal Excavation, Distributory net work, CM & CD works
Sutiapat : Construction of distributory network , field channels and their maintenance for two years to cater irrigation water requirement for 40 Ha land.
Indira Sagar Project (EPC Turn Key): Construction of left main canal for 18KM length including CM and CD works, canal lining.
Handrineva Sujala Sravanthi Project : Canal excavation of 22Km length, CM & CD works and Distributory network for 2500 acres.
Galleru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi Project : Construction of 42 Km long main canal, distributory systems, field channels to irrigate an ayacut of 8000 Ha including investigations, designs etc.,