Coal Mining

India being a developing country with increased GDP is short of energy availability and looking beyond its borders for energy security.

Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Limited with a vision to be a strong player in the sector, has procured licenses for Coal Mines in Indonesia and Mozambique totaling to area of 30000Ha, to produce Coal and supply to meet in

house requirement and others in India and abroad.

Indonesia : License for Coal Mining has been taken up for an area of 7000 Ha. Coal produced is being supplied to local Government utility. Provision is made to supply coal to India also.
Mozambique : License for two coal concessions is taken fro an area of 23000 Ha. Prospecting of coal availability, quantification etc. by exploratory methods is under process. The aim is to export to India and various other countries.
Conservation of Coal Mines

Coal Mines suffer loss of coal due to hot spots and self burning.

In order to contain hot spots a joint venture Avantika DMT has been formed and taken up a job for Coal India Ltd on experimental basis to identify hot spots deep in the coal bed by exploration, treat them to cap the hot spots. On long term basis such an effort would yield handsome results both physically and financially.